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Codan 4908 Series 8W Ku-Band Mini-BUC

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  • Superior Phase Noise performance
  • Excellent gain stability
  • M&C via FSK protocols
  • Tri-state LED monitor


Ku-Band 8W Mini-BUC
Power rating 8W
Platform DC-powered
Model numbers 4908-W/E-DC/EX-CE-NI
RF output connection WR75, PBR120 flange with 4 mm threaded holes
RF output VSWR 1.5:1 max
RF output frequency range 13750 to 14500 MHz
Input frequency range 950 to 1700 MHz
RF output power @ 1 dB GCP +39.0 dBm min
LO frequency 12800 MHz
Gain 70 dB nominal
Gain flatness over any 40 MHz band ±1.0 dB max
Gain flatness over full band ±2.0 dB max
Gain stability over any 50°C temperature range ±1.50 dB max
Gain stability over entire temperature range when frequency set ±2.0 dB max
Gain stability over entire temperature range when frequency not set ±3.0 dB max
Reference frequency (External) 10 MHz
Reference frequency input (External) Multiplexed on N-type transmit IF input
Reference frequency level –10 to +5 dBm
Reference frequency connector Via N-type transmit IF input
Frequency conversion Spectrum non-inverting
Power supply voltage DC 18 to 60 V DC via IF input and external DC connector
Power supply minimum turn-on voltage +20 V DC
Power supply consumption 90 W typical

100 W max
RF output IMD ratio with 2 carriers each @ 6 dB OPBO –25 dBc max
Spurious/harmonic output @ 3 dB OPBO EN 301-428/EN 301-430
IF input connector N-type
IF input impedance 50 Ω
IF input VSWR 1.8:1 max
Transmit attenuator steps 0 dB to 10 dB in 0.5 dB steps
Maximum phase noise (SSB) of reference frequency

    100 Hz

    1 kHz

    10 kHz

    100 kHz

–135 dBc/Hz

–145 dBc/Hz

–155 dBc/Hz

–155 dBc/Hz
Phase noise (SSB) of BUC with reference frequency defined above     100 Hz

    1 kHz

    10 kHz

    100 kHz

–65 dBc/Hz

–75 dBc/Hz

–85 dBc/Hz

–95 dBc/Hz
Group delay

    Linear (over any 10 MHz band)

    Parabolic (over any 80 MHz band)

    Ripple (over full band)

2 nsecpp max

0.00025 nsec/MHz²pp max

1 nsecpp max
AM/PM conversion 2.0°/dB max @ 2 dB OPBO
Monitor & Control

    FSK data format

    FSK data transmitter frequency

    FSK data transmitter deviation

    FSK data transmitter sense

    FSK output level

    FSK start tone time

    FSK data receiver nominal frequency

    FSK data receiver locking range

    FSK data receiver input sensitivity

User Selectable, ASCII Codan, or Modem Standard (ND Satcom)

650 kHz ±1%

±60 kHz ±1%

+60 kHz=mark; –60 kHz=space

–8 dB nominal

10 ms min

650 kHz

±30 kHz

–20 dBm min

Operating temperature range –40 to +65°C
Non-operating/storage temperature range –40 to +90°C
Relative humidity 100%
Weatherproofing Sealed to 34 kPa
Volume (for waveguide output BUCs) without brackets 247 mm L x 151 mm W x 85 mm H

9.80” L x 5.934” W x 3.468” H
Weight 2.4 kg (5.29 lbs)

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