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Amb-OS Media AMR-100 Receiver

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Processing Resources
CPU Analog Devices BlackFin™ ADSP-BF537 DSP
RAM 32 megabytes SDRAM (16 meg x 16 bits)
ROM 1 megabyte FLASH EEPROM (512 K x 16)
Disk Drive
CPU Analog Devices BlackFintm ADSP-BF537 DSP
RAM 32 megabytes SDRAM (16 meg x 16 bits)
ROM 1 megabyte FLASH EEPROM (512 K x 16)
Disk Drive 3.5" IDE drive, 80 gigabytes capacity standard, over 270 gigabytes capacity optional
LAN connection One 10/100 base-T Ethernet port, RJ-45 connector
Serial channels One RS-232 Asynchronous serial port female DB-9 connector
User Controls
Rear panel switches Single momentary push-button, system reset
Front panel display One 128 by 64 pixel monochrome graphic LCD display
Front panel switches 4 Momentary push-buttons
Audio Resources
Analog audio outputs 4 balanced outputs via Neutrik NC3MBH XLR connectors
Output level 12 VRMS into 600 ohms each output (maximum)
Dynamic range 120 db (DAC specification)
THD+N -107 db (DAC specification)
Volume control 0 to –127.5 db, in 0.5db steps, independent, each channel
Analog audio inputs -none-
Digital audio outputs 2 AES/EBU serial digital outputs using one (but not both) of either a 110 ohm balanced and isolated output via an XLR type connector, or an unbalanced 75 ohm output via a BNC connector. 2 optical TORX style outputs are also provided and available simultaneously.
Optional Digital audio inputs 1 AES/EBU serial digital input using one (and only one) of either a 110 ohm balanced and isolated input via an XLR type connector, or an unbalanced 75 ohm input via a BNC connector, and 3 optical TORX style inputs. Only one of the four available inputs may be selected for use at any time.
Digital audio matrixing The AES/EBU and optical inputs are hardwired to a AKM 4122 SRC (Sample Rate Converter). This device provides 4 internal interconnection modes between the AES/EBU/ Optical I/O pins and its serial digital audio I/O pins. Further, the SRC serial digital audio I/O (clocks and data), 5 PLL derived internal clocks, and the 2 DAC serial digital audio inputs are all routed to a CPLD that can be re-configured "on the fly" providing a cross-point switch function for all serial digital audio signal sources and sinks.
Digital Control Circuits
"Contact closures" Two sets of 6 form 1A contact pair outputs (single pole, single throw, normally open) and 4 Optically isolated inputs are provided. These input/output contact pairs are made available via two 25 pin female D-SUB connectors. Contact function and control dictated by system software.
Isolation voltage 1500 VRMS maximum
MOSFET on resistance Ron = 1 ohm typical
MOSFET breakdown Off-state breakdown 70VAC or 100VDC
Max load current 400 ma. continuous, 800 ma. pulsed (< 100 usec. 1% duty cycle)
Isolation voltage 1500 VRMS maximum
Max input voltage 48 VDC, 48 VRMS AC
Min input voltage 6 VDC, 6 VRMS AC
Receiver Section Characteristics
Input Impedance 75 Ohms
Input levels -20 to -65 dbm per carrier
Frequency range Fully agile, 950 to 2150 MHz, 125 KHz tuning steps
Modulation scheme QPSK/BPSK
Symbol rate Fully agile, 1 to 45 megasymbols/sec.
FEC technique Multi-rate Viterbi decoding concatenated with 204/188 Reed-Solomon
Main channel data rate Up to 90 megabits per second
Threshold (typical) 5.5 db Eb/No for error rates of 1x10E-11 or better (using rate ¾ Viterbi).
Data transfer protocol MPE (Multi-Protocol Encapsulation) per MPEG spec.
Operating temperature 5 to 45 deg. C
Power consumption Less than 25 watts
Input voltage 115 VAC 50/60Hz
Dimensions 2RU rack mount enclosure, depth TBD
Weight TBD, 10-15 lb
Approvals FCC part 15 class A (Entire system) UL, CSA, TUV (Power supply)
Warranty 1-year parts and labor

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