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We started our site with a great product configurator. While it gave the user the ability to choose their options on their products, there were limitations on our previous system. Hence we spent a great deal of time and effort selecting a new and improved configurator. We think and hope you will like our new configurator. It has several features that we thought were mission critical.

Rules Based Configurations

By building our products out with rules, we can now ensure that the user cannot misbuild a product, or create a configuration that is not available. One example of this would be to make sure that you cannot choose to have two engines in a car, another one would be to make sure that if you had the larger engine option, that you got the appropriate transmission selected for you, and finally in satellite speak, it could mean that if you select a higher order modulation, or a certain data rate, that we include the right FECs and plug in board options, or that if you select to build a terminal, we ensure that all the appropriate interfaces are correct.

Logic Based Interface

We only want to ask you questions that are hence if you do not select an option, we are not going to present you with options for that option. Going back to car speak (because most everyone is an expert on cars).... this would mean that if you do not opt for roof rack, then we won't provide you options for bike carriers and ski racks. If we sold you a bike carrier without a roof rack, then you might be dissapointed in us when we are selling you a complete package. We have built our reputation on getting things right the first time. This new tool just helps to ensure that you are always getting the right configuration, and falls right in line with our philosophy of proactively preventing problems before they occur.

Sample Demos

The Comtech EF Data CDM-570L, one of our most popular and favorite products is a great example of the configurator. You can walk through the options there and the configurator will intelligently build you the product for you, automatically including things like Turbo Cards, dynamically changing your modulation options based on your data rate selections, and only giving you Buc Power Supply options that are appropriate based on your input power selection. Furthermore, as mentioned above in the Logic Based Interface section, you only see the options for the IP module if you opt to include that module, and you won't have a power cord option if you select a DC power supply. Since there is only one DC power cord option, we automatically put it in there for you.

The Paradise C-Band Compact Outdoor Unit is another staff favorite. When building this item you have the option to select redundancy options. Depending on the redundancy configuration that you select, out tool will automatically include the appropriate controller, the neccessary wiring harnesses and mounting plates, and increase the amount of SSPAs accordingly. The result that you get is a single line item with one price for the entire system. Now if you want to see the Bill Of Materials, you will have to talk to one of our sales people. Sorry, we ran into a limitation there with our web-based shopping cart, but we were able to overcome it with our internal quoting tool, so one of our sales engineers can help you with this.

How it works

To configure an item, you simply click the "configure this item" link...proceed through the input questions in the screen and the click the "add to cart" button to add the item to your shopping cart. Once there, you will see either the assembly or static item that is generated from the configurator in your shopping cart.

Re-Ordering Made Simple

Now you no longer need to know what the details of your configuration are.... you can simply reorder according to our part number and know that for your site profile A for example, that you need a COMT-CDM570L.CA10124 and know that unit is built the way that you want it to be, complete with the appropriate modulations, power input options, etc.

Please send me feedback

My name is Fred. I founded and own Satcom Resources. I along with a few others run the website and was personally responsible for this configurator implementation, as well as the previous ones. I'd love to hear your feedback, wishes, or suggestions for improvement on the configurator or any aspect of the website, or Satcom Resources in general. You can email me direct at or my direct line is 970-306-4067. Thanks for visiting.