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Terrasat Low Ku-Band Intelligent Block Upconverter (IBUC)

  • Lower terminal cost
  • Simplified 1+1 configuration
  • Point-and-click configuration
  • Complete set of diagnostic tools

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Low-Ku-Band Intelligent Block Upconverter

The Terrasat Intelligent Block Upconverter (IBUC) offers integrated BUC/SSPA packaging for higher performance and reliability.

IBUC Advantages

Special low Ku frequency band supports 12.75 to 13.25 GHz band.

Low profile fan shroud on 12W and above.

DC power can be supplied via IFL coax or separate DC connector for 4W through 16W models.

Guaranteed rated output power across the entire operating temperature range and frequency band.

Low phase noise exceeds IESS308/309 requirements by a minimum of 10dB.

Embedded web pages provide management for small networks using any web browser.

AGC or ALC circuits hold gain or output level constant. 16dB User-adjustable gain in 0.1 dB steps preserves modem dynamic range.

16dB User-adjustable gain in 0.1 dB steps preserves modem dynamic range.

Advanced customer interfaces:
  • TCP/IP HTTP with embedded web pages.
  • SNMP
  • TELNET through TCP/IP
  • FSK through TX IFL cable.
  • RS232/485 serial port.
  • Handheld terminal.

1+1 switching logic built into IBUC eliminates expensive external controller.


Compared to traditional 70 MHz solutions, the IBUC offers significant benefits:

  • Lower terminal cost
  • Simpler design and installation
  • Superior RF performance
  • Simplified 1+1 configuration

New interfaces connect you to the IBUC's extensive M&C facilities for network management or local access. This powerful new M&C enables:

  • Trouble free commissioning with easy, point-and-click installation/configuration
  • Continuous verification of performance with alarm history.
  • Simplified troubleshooting of terminal faults.

The IBUC comes with a complete set of diagnostic tools including:

  • 10 MHz input detector
  • Input voltage and current monitoring
  • Transmit L-Band input level detector
  • Transmit RF output level detector
  • Alarm history

As always, the IBUC carries Terrasat's guarantee of rated output power across the operating band and specified temperature range. Unique in the IBUC are internal AGC and ALC functions to satisfy demanding applications with stringent specifications.

The IBUC is manufactured in a modern Morgan Hill, CA facility to the same exacting quality processes as the PowerPlus series and OEM microwave products. Each unit undergoes rigorous testing, burnin at elevated temperature, BER, and final testing over temperature so that you are assured of a high quality, reliable product.

L-Band Input
Frequency range 950 to 1450 MHz
VSWR / Impedance 1.5:1 max / 50 ohms
Connector Type N female
Input power detector range -55 to -20 dBm
Small Signal Gain (L-band to RF) with attenuator set to 0 dB
4W 67 dB min
8W 70 dB min
12W 72 dB min
16W 73 dB min
20W 74 dB min
25W 75 dB min
30W 76 dB min
40W 77 dB min
50W 78 dB min
Attenuator range 16 dB variable in 0.1dB steps
Gain flatness
    Full Band
    36 MHz
    1 MHz
4W to 25W
3 dB p-p max
1 dB p-p max
0.25 dB p-p
Gain flatness
    Full Band
    36 MHz
    1 MHz
30W to 50W
4dB p-p max
1dB p-p max
0.25 dB p-p
Gain variation over temperature 4W to 25W
Open loop 3 dB p-p max
With AGC 1 dB p-p max
Gain variation over temperature 30W to 50W
Open loop 4 dB p-p max
With AGC 1 dB p-p max
RF Output
Frequency range 12.75 to 13.25 GHz
Interface WR75 UG cover with groove
VSWR 1.5:1 max
Rated output power (P1dB across temperature range and freq. band)
4W +36 dBm min
8W +39 dBm min
12W +40.8 dBm min
16W +42 dBm min
20W +43 dBm min
25W +44 dBm min
30W +44.8 dBm min
40W +46 dBm min
50W +47 dBm min
IMD3 (2 carriers, 30 kHz apart, 9dB BO/carrier) -30 dBc max
Level stability with ALC ± 0.5 dB
Output power detector range Rated power to -20 dB
Power reading accuracy ±1.0 dB max.
Spurious Complies with EN 301 430
Harmonics -50 dBc max
External Reference (multiplexed on TX IFL)
Frequency 10 MHz
Level -12 to +5 dBm
Local Oscillator
LO Frequency 14200 MHz
Sense Inverting
IBUC DC Supply
Multiplexed on TX IFL 4W, 8W, 12W, 16W
Connector ACS02E14S-6P(553)
Monitor and Control
FSK (multiplexed on TX IFL)
Handheld Terminal
TCP / IP Telnet, HTTP
Operating temperature
    4W to 25W
    30W to 50W

-40oC to +60°C
-40oC to +55°C
Relative humidity 100% condensing
Altitude 10,000 ft (3,000m) ASL
Dimensions (L x W x H)

12.2" x 7.2" x 4.2" (310mm x 183mm x 107mm)
12.2" x 7.2" x 7" (310mm x 183mm x 178mm)

13 lbs (5.8 kg)
17 lbs (8 kg)
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