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Paradise Evolution Series PD10 IF Satellite Modem

  • Data Rates 4.8 kbps to 10 Mpbs
  • Field upgradeable feature set
  • Sat-Abis Interface (optional)
  • Built-in 1:1 Redundancy Controller

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Evolution PD10 IF Satellite Modem

The Paradise Evolution Series PD10 Satellite Modem has been designed for cost-critical Modem applications and discerning users who demand quality and reliability at an affordable price.

This 10Mbps capable Modem offers full compliance with IESS- 308, 309, 310, 314 & 315, plus a range of data interfaces including Ethernet. The Evolution Series Satellite Modem uses a new design concept whereby core functions are implemented with programmable logic, which allows easy reconfiguration to the needs of the user, and provides future-proof flexibility.

Ease of Operation

The Modem firmware and software is easily upgraded through an Ethernet management port, plus an innovative new menu structure makes configuration a simple procedure. Advanced user interfaces support the display of text in different languages for universal appeal, and a unique Web User Interface offers full remote control and in-depth performance analysis tools using Internet Explorer without special Monitor & Control software.

Evolution PD10 Features

  • Field upgradeable feature set
  • 5Msymbol/s capable
  • 4.8kbps to 2,048kbps in the base modem; options to 10Mbps
  • RS422, X.21, V.35, RS232, G.703 standard interfaces
  • Sat-Abis Interface (optional)
  • Quad E1 and MultiMux options
  • IP options: IP Bridging, Static Routing, Dynamic Routing, TCP/IP & HTTP Acceleration, Traffic Shaping, Brouting
  • BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK (std), options 8PSK , FastLink 8QAM, 16QAM, FastLink 16APSK, FastLink 32APSK, FastLink 64QAM
  • Multi-rate 2nd Generation Turbo (TPC option), Viterbi, Sequential (option), TCM, FastLink Low Latency LDPC, and Reed-Solomon FEC options
  • 50 - 90MHz & 100 - 180MHz IF in 100Hz steps
  • Paired Carrier carrier re-use (option)
  • Closed Network, Closed Network + ESC, IBS/SMS (option) and IDR (option)
  • Drop and Insert to E1/T1 (option) with extended functions: RBS, CAS
  • G.703 Clock Extension (option)
  • Built-in 1:1 Redundancy Controller
  • 48V dc Primary Power input option

Remote Control & Web Interface

  • Web User Interface available via embedded web server including (patent pending); Receive Spectrum Analyzer, Receive Constellation Monitor, BER Tester and graphing of Eb/No, Rx Power, BER plus other parameters, using Internet Explorer
  • Ethernet with embedded web server and SNMP network management support
  • RS485 multi-drop addressable
  • M&C via Satellite ESC channel for distant control of Modems and other devices
  • RS232 for direct PC connection

Web User Interface

A unique Web User Interface provides full Monitor & Control plus graphing of Eb/No, BER, Receive Power and other operating parameters, plus a Receive Spectrum Analyser, Receive Constellation Monitor and BER Tester for detailed signal analysis and performance validation via Internet Explorer. Logged graph data can be sent via email to any email address.

Simple to use EZ-BERT BER Tester Option allows real time bit error measurements through traffic or ESC channel, or between the terrestrial ports.

Built-in Spectrum Analyzer for Receive Carrier,
Adjacent Carrier and Super-Wide Monitoring
(3 bandwidth settings).

Built-in Receive Constellation Display
for channel diagnostics.

Paired Carrier Operation

Paired Carrier technology allows both the uplink and downlink signals to occupy the same space segment. An adaptive self-interference cancellation technique removes the uplink signal components generated by the local terminal from the received signal off satellite, allowing demodulation of the far end signal.

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