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Cortex-2 Management System by Ericsson

  • Easy and affordable stream delivery
  • Simple and effective setup
  • Easy and Fast configuration
  • Range of PC hardware platforms

CORTEX-2 Management System by Ericsson

Contribution and distribution of video content requires precise scheduling and ultra-reliable connections for delivery between locations. Ericsson’s second-generation Cortex-2 Management System is an extremely fast and effective system for scheduling real-time standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD) video content over IP or ATM connections between sites.

With Cortex-2, you never need to worry about connection conflicts or bandwidth allocation, as the system tracks all routes through the equipment and calculates bandwidth usage. Cortex-2 manages and monitors Ericsson’s market-leading encoders, receivers and network adaptors designed for contribution and distribution as well as third-party devices.

Built for mission-critical, real-time content delivery for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections, Cortex-2’s powerful, graphical event scheduler manages allocation of resources for video content distribution over any IP or ATM network. Cortex-2 is the ideal solution when you need to deliver video quickly and efficiently between two or more sites for time-sensitive newsgathering or video production.

CORTEX-2 Overview

Efficient, Cost-effective Way to Link Large Multi-site Distribution
The Cortex-2 management system can provide a cost efficient way to link large-scale multi-site distribution of video content. Using the system’s control of individual devices and complete monitoring capabilities, Cortex-2 provides easy and affordable stream delivery between sites keeping the operator informed of status at all times.

Simple and Effective Set-up
All Ericsson, Cisco and Leitch/Harris equipment in the network can be discovered automatically by Cortex-2. It will determine the capabilities and configuration for faster provisioning. This allows Cortex-2 to create a powerful inventory report of all the equipment capabilities, boards, software versions and licenses. It also enables Cortex-2 to model the system to enable routing of connections to ensure that resource conflicts do not occur.

Easy and Fast Configuration
The Cortex-2 management system can be administered from a single PC console and uses connection and equipment profiles for rapid configuration. Connections can be simply activated by selecting source and destination points, or alternatively pre-define connections can be scheduled or activated immediately. This allows an administrator to set-up the details of the connections and allows an operator to pick them from a list.


Cortex-2 Client GUI
Multiple remote client user interfaces allow each site to monitor and control the network of equipment.

Range of PC Hardware Platforms
There are a range of HP PC servers available. Each comes fully configured with Microsoft Windows Server 2003, backup utilities, and the required level of Cortex-2 software. There is also an option for a 1+1 redundant solution for maximum availability called Integrity.

Operator Monitoring
Cortex-2 provides a detailed graphical view of the equipment health and supports automatic or manual redundancy switching. It supports a wide range of router manufactures including Leitch/Harris (IP control), Quartz, Probel, Sandar, Network, Venus and Cisco.

Once a route or connection has been established an operator can quickly and easily see the exact route through the all the equipment end-to-end. Selecting a connection will visually highlight the equipment and routers used in the connection from source to destination via the ATM/IP backbone.

All alarms can be sent northbound on the Cortex-2 external SNMP interface for integration with higher level management systems.

Multi-site, Multi-user Control
Different users can be assigned a set of roles that allow different privileges within the user interface. This will allow some users read-only access to certain areas while others have full control. Each user’s actions are logged to create an audit trail which can be used for later troubleshooting.

Cortex-2 provides a powerful graphical event scheduler that enables the user to create one off or recurring events.

Cortex-2 Features

  • Control and monitoring of MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC HD/SD encoder ranges
  • Support for latest receiver range including, RX8000, RX1290 and TT1260/80 professional receivers
  • Management of ATM and IP interfaces inside encoders and receivers, or alternatively support for external MA5300 and MA5400 network adapters
  • Developed as part of nCompass Control, the secondgeneration Cortex-2 software gives full access to the wide variety of nCompass features, including auto discovery of all devices on the network, user and privilege management, unit health monitoring and fail-over redundancy switching
  • Physical map of all devices across the entire network
  • Equipment health monitoring and detailed alarm information
  • Connection based profiles allow expert users to set-up routes and device configurations ahead of time, leaving the operator a simplified scheduling GUI
  • Graphical timeline scheduler supporting both UTC and local time zones
  • User management to allow different user privileges
  • Complete system management from single or multiple consoles
  • User can pick from an address book of multicast addresses or from pre-defined ATM PVCs to transfer data from source device to destinations devices
  • Point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connections
  • Optional 1+1 automatic redundant high availability servers
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