• Nextmove Technologies 1.0M Auto Acquire Satellite Terminal

    Set up in less than five minutes, deploys in less than two. Two Case Configuration.

  • Norsat 1081XRTS Selectable Ku-Band 8W BUC

    Switchable output frequencies, standard and extended band. Legendary Norsat Quality.

  • GD Satcom 1385 C-Band 3.8M Antenna System

    Optimized 4-Piece Reflector Design. Field-Friendly Installation Design

  • Stampede Application Delivery Controller

    Provides up to 80% bandwidth savings for HTTP Traffic

  • Comtech EF Data CDM-760 High Speed Trunking Modem

    Ultra wide band symbol rates, near theoretical performance with minimal implmentation loss, and proprietary DVB-S2 Efficiency Boost Technology.

  • Sat-Lite 1156KA 1.0M Vehicle Mount Antenna

    A high performance 1.0 meter antenna designed for Ka-Band broadband operation that includes the Viasat EXEDE service.

  • Teledyne Paradise Datacom Outdoor PowerMAX Amplifier System

    A high performance N+1 Galium Nitrade amplifier system with power outputs up to 800W in C and X band and 500W in Ku-Band.

  • AvL 2414 2.4M Manual Flyaway Antenna System

    A robust 9-piece antenna system with a carbon fiber reflector yet compact enough to transport in four cases.

  • Custom Terminal Solutions

    Contact Satcom Resources to develop a custom solution based on your requirements

  • Datapath QCT 90 Man Portable Terminal

    Packs up in a single backpack or transit case, IATA compliant and less than five minutes from case to connected. Did you need something else?

  • Norsat Atom Series Bucs

    Lighter, smaller and more power efficient, the Norsat Atom series bucs fit into more places and reduce power consumption signficantly

  • Terrasat Ku-Band IBUC2 Intelligent Block Upconverter

    4 - 40W Output Power. AC or DC Input Power. 5 Frequency Options. Internal or External Reference

  • Terrasat C-Band IBUC2 Intelligent Block Upconverter

    5 - 60 W Output Power. AC or DC Input Power. 5 Frequency Options. Internal or External Reference

Welcome To Satcom Resources

Satcom Resources supplies its customers with Satellite Communications networking equipment. We sell parts and components, as well as engineer, integrate, install, manage and support complete turn-key systems. We can sell you a single component, a custom integrated terminal, or a complete network.

Satellite Modems

SCPC and TDMA modems with data rates from 2.4 kbps to over 300 MPBS

Earth Stations

Satellite Earth Station Antennas from 4 - 13.0M in C, Ku, X, DBS and Ka- Bands

Flyaway Antennas

Antennas designed for rapid setup and easy transport


Block Upconverts in C, Ku, X, and Ka-Band in GaN and GaAs configurations

Tx/Rx VSAT Antennas

Fixed Tx/Rx VSAT Antennas in C, Ku, X, and Ka-Band in sizes from 0.6 - 3.8M

Broadband VSAT Terminals

Easy to deploy and transport SATCOM terminals for broadband access globally

Installation Accessorries

Waveguide, Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Meters, Coaxial Cable Kits and more


Low noise block donwconverters in C, Ku, X, and Ka-Band

MPEG/HEVC Encoders

MPEG/HEVC Video Encoders for Contribution and Distribution

Solid State Amplifiers

Solid State Power Amplifier in Indoor and Outdoor configurations

Video Receivers

Integrated Receiver Decoders with built-in Satellite Demodulators and advanced feature sets


Travelling Wave Tube Amplifiers in C, Ku, X, and Ka-Band in indoor and outdoor configurations